Pixel 7 thread

Oh does 7pro support 2 eSIM????

That's great I will try Jio first because it's not crucial.

Anyways... 7pro 12gb 128gb is 85k on FK minus 10k hdfc cc minus another 10k for my Moto edge 20 fusion so getting it delivered tomorrow (unless flopkart screws up again) for net just under 65k.
Me too, that's how I know. I'm the first in the train or bus to lose data connectivity. The experience has been consistent on Pixel XL, 2XL, 3XL.
Pixel 6 with their "custom" SOCs has a very old modem which is infamous for dropping signal. Qualcomm Pixels were fine comparable to other phones. Pixel 7s have been upgraded to a much newer modem which fixes the 6s problem.
Got my phone yesterday.

Pretty nice except for a few minor annoyances like the 2.5D curved display.

How is the Clear Calling feature? Have you owners noticed any difference to call audio quality?
Here it is,

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In general glass based backs are fine. It's only plastic or metals has issues with cases.
The black friday trade-in offer completed successful finally.

I bought this phone for around 28K from flipkart very first day when they launched in India, two years before.

Now sent back the handset alone to Google for 300 $ and kept usbc cable and charger with me. Of course paid another 500$ for pixel 7 pro. Bit of luck as my friend was traveling to India last month for two weeks, so he could carry the 7 pro and sent back 4a when he returned.
Reviving this thread for some opinion from long time users of the P7 Pro. My S21 ultra took a dunk for a few seconds in the pool, and went dead. I'm looking to replace it with the P7 Pro. Does it make sense buying the previous gen flagship now? Does it have any bugs or annoyances that I should be wary about?