Rate the Last Movie You Saw...


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The ending of in bruges owned, but I guess it is more due to the slow buildup to it. Another movie that I loved for its buildup was Dead Man starring Johnny Depp which is among my all time favorites.

digital_brain said:
yeah man, freaking awesome movie. and the best climax of any movies in 2008 :hail:

Eli is actually a castrated boy :p.

That is really only explained in the book. There is really not enough in the movie to suggest that.


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The Notebook - 8.5/10

Beautiful movie, loved it! Watched it last night on tele even though I had it on my HDD for over 6 months.

Amazing love story, quite unrealistic, but perfect for a person like me!


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Outsourced.( (-10)/10 ) Piece of shit! Trying to depict India in the worst possible way. SD seems to be doing us a favour when you look at this. Sad stuff. :mad:


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Taken - 8/10

Basic Plot... but brilliant handling of Direction and Screenplay, well edited and properly paced movie. A really nice action-thriller after long long time. :)


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So finally after so much hype I went to see this movie in a theater :p Well I didn't mind because my friends paid for the tickets and they insisted.

As I expected, this movie turned out to be so bad that its actually good. Its quite entertaining actually. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. C2C beats all the Rajni and Mithun da movies combined. Mithunda was in his full form too in this movie. Seriously its worth a watch for laughs if not anything. And Akshay was seriously awesome in this one. Too bad that the script sucked, otherwise akki was seriously brilliant and would have gotten an award.

I rate it 7/10 purely for its entertainment value.

Cosmic Kick FTW :D