Samsung SSDs: Damaged Box Only, 100% Health, New Pcs

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Product Name - Samsung SSDs
Warranty remaining - 1 year Seller Warranty from the date of your purchase.
Price -
970 Evo Plus 1tb - Rs 6500
970 Evo Plus 2tb - Rs 12500
980 Pro 2tb - Rs 15500
870 Evo 4tb - Rs 22000

Shipping from - Kolkata for extra Rs 100 flat rate anywhere in India

Description- All the SSDs will be tested before dispatching for smooth experience. Pictures will be shared in DM of CrystalDiskInfo showing usage & health details of the particular SSD being sent. Also, this will create a record for what is being sent to be able to provide warranty from my side. These wont carry any retail bill/box and will come loose. Packaging will be take care of while shipping.
Local buyers from Kolkata are free to come and pick it up from my place or it can be sent to them via Swiggy Genie or similar service at an additional charge.

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If have any questions feel free to ask.

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