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    * iPhone 5 * Pre-Release

    Any idea when the official launch is going to happen in India?
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    Nice job man.. Love the minimalistic feel :) Now wait till a wife comes along and re-positions everything in the house!
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    Help! Apple service being very unhelpful

    Throw a few tantrums.. Ask them to escalate your ticket to a supervisor. They will usually connect to a supervisor based in Hong Kong or Singapore (Countries that actually care about customer service).. Once that happens explain how frustrated you are and your work is suffering. He should be...
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    Decent family hotel in Goa

    Haha hey guys, been forever since I posted here! @ Logistopath - Haven't heard of Aroma Executive personally but seems to be quite nice. Other options you could check out are - Bambolim Beach Resort, Hotel Fidalgo, Hotel Nova Goa, Marigold Hotel, Hotel Menino, Park Plaza (Panjim)...
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    FS: Games Maxpayne 3 & Protype 2 - Ps3

    I'll take Max Payne 3.. PM me your account details.
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    Credit Card Dilemma

    Only Mastercard has the airport lounge access offer.. Available on Titatium/Platinum/World cards.
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    A HARDCORE Gamer's wishlist for 2012 (By Aman27deep)

    Re: A Video Gamer's wishlist for 2012. (By Aman27deep) Super thread! Reps aded :)
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    Dealing internationally in Quikr ?

    Yup.. Sounds too fishy. Apart from payment issues there can be a whole different set of info they may want to steal from you like your identity or address. I'd personally steer clear.
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    OC & Modding [Scratch Build] Phase Changer RIG.

    Amazing stuff.. Good luck! :)
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    Camera HD Camcorder Suggestions

    Hey guys.. Looking to pickup a HD camcorder. Budget is 20-24k.. Must do FullHD 1920x1080. Also must record on SD/SDHC cards. Here are the models I'm currently looking at. Any other options apart from these? LEGRIA HF R205 - Canon India - Personal HDR-CX110E : Flash / Memory Stick ...
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    Storage Solutions Help me pick a NAS!

    Well the Buffalo runs a full featured version of uTorrent so it should be okay I guess.. Will check Tonido out, thanks! :)
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    Storage Solutions Help me pick a NAS!

    Thanks guys.. Decided to pick this. LinkStation Pro Duo LS-WVL/R1 Network Storage | Buffalo Technology It runs uTorrent so that's very convenient and will hook up to the PS3 to stream media. Also has a very very nifty iOS app so I can literally run it from my iPhone/iPad.
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    Storage Solutions Help me pick a NAS!

    I'm already running a Athlon X2 with twin 1TB drives in RAID 1 but I find it to be an overkill for my usage. Hence trying to replace it with a NAS ;) @ Gannu - Thanks for the Play On India link.. I think I'm gonna settle on one of those.