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    WTB Graphics Card

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    PC Peripherals Computer shuts down during power cut even with SINE WAVE INVERTER

    You need to do as suggested above. 1. PC Only on Inverter With UPS Mode on Inverter(Computer Mode as you said) 2. PC on UPS with Inverter on UPS Mode. 3. PC on UPS with Inverter on Normal Inverter Mode. 4.Also please specify the power supply you are using, Reason is the Processor and Graphics...
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    Very old members resurfacing with very few posts

    Pretty old member here, If you go by post counts you will be really rolling your eyes. Regular visitor to the forums, But rarely post. Though your observation makes sense, I would also be interested in looking at how many old members turn out to be compromised accounts. Also there are a few...
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    WTB Graphics Card

    Cheap working graphics card. Anything like RX 460 should be fine. Able to play a few games at 720p (5-10-20 Year old games) to keep kids entertained. Hit me with DM's : Budget < 4k Located in Bangalore, Can pick up anywhere, Would bear shipping if you are far away in India.
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    When you Joined TechEnclave or DigitForum ....

    What an amazing way to remind me how old I am...!! Techenclave, Funenclave those were the days...!!
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Wanted to, But too intoxicated by fermented juices. I guess something like that. They charged the box price to me all other items were kind of free.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Was scrolling through night on Amazon and found this pricing error, Wanted some of the items, So tried my Hand... Got delivered...!! Deal for 330 Rs... Home delivered..
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    Serious BSOD issues

    Here is something which I faced, I had BSOD issues with my Ryzen 2700X and Asus F-Gaming 470 MB. They were random. To fix, I had to run the RAM's at the voltages specified for the frequency in the XMP profile. You may want to check the "Auto" setting in the bios for voltage and run it on the...
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    Yeah, Cancelled....
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    I have always found decent deals on TataCliq for the Large Appliances than on Amazon or Flipkart. Today I was randomly browsing through and found this kind of pricing error or crazy deal. Damn....!! I can take a risk...!! This may get cancelled, I had to buy TATA AIG Extended warranty with it...
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    Custom electronics: Would you guys be interested in a router UPS?

    Nice Idea, I have been on a constant lookout for something like this, Many times I have sat through and jolted down the requirements, But gave up when it comes to getting my hands dirty. :) Output Needs: 1. Regulated 12V 2A : 2 2. Regulated 9V 2A : 2 3. Regulated 5V 2A : 1 4. Regulated 5V...
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    WCG Team Techenclave and personal achievements and Stats

    No Idea, I contribute on and off...!! Thought some people might be interested in it, The processing power is insane these days. When I crunched back in(~2010) day it took 8-12 hours for a task to complete. Now its less than 2 hours... So even 1 core would contribute more than 4 cores added...
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    WCG Team Techenclave and personal achievements and Stats

    Waking up a very Old Thread....!! Techenclave has a team on World Community Grid, It's Been there since ages, Anyone interested in joying and contributing back? Right now the contributor's are very less compared to it's hayday. Link for TechEnclave team : WCG TechEnclave Team
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    Slave HDD Suggestion Requires

    There is no Master Slave when it comes to SATA drives. Good old IDE times :) You can connect your System A hard drive to System B and Retrieve data. Just make sure you select the System B's Drive as Boot drive when you have connected System A's Drive. Windows will automatically detect and show...
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    Static Noise in Audio during washing machine operation

    1. Check Earthing as @Chaos suggested. If that solves issue Well and good. 2. Call an electrician and check for any loose contacts in Socket or Connector/ Wires inside the connector where machine is connected. 3. Which model of washing machine is it? You may need to call service for the below...