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    Health & Fitness Do you trust Patanjali products ? Please think twice!

    Most of their products are not quality tested .Thats why its way cheaper.ANd as far as what i heard.They just repack the cheapest available source and rebrand as theirs. They know government cant touch him and its better to earn as much as possible in present term rather than build a brand. Even...
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    AFter very long time here guys. My 2 cents...Being a businessmen now. All roads are paved for billionaire like JIO,Adani,Zee and many more by killing the competition to stand in front of them. Bullet Train::I guys diamonds from ahmedabad to Mumbai and via may soon be the finance or havala...
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    LeEco fires 85% staff of Indian unit, may exit India

    In November, Jia Yueting had written an email to employees saying the firm had burnt cash too quickly as it expanded into businesses ranging from smartphones to driverless cars. The founder had acknowledged its global expansion strategy went too far in the face of limited capital and resources...
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    Which software to create such realistic images?
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    The MI 1 rupee sale was pathetic

    Daya kuch toh gadbad hain... Stop getting prey for such foolish act.
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    The trouble with Foodpanda

    Indeed nice article and shows how without check funding can land a company..
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    Nigerian model scam asking donation for child surgery

    Sister received a mail and call asking for donation Also it has 2 more attachments like child face and docter or person letter. I did a check here I wanted to know how can one easily tracked such bogus attempt. For me it was...
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    What is this song in the Renault Lodgy advertisement?

    Sorry to bump but what about this song Renault lodgy ad one...which it is?
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    MTNL Mumbai revises landline broadband charges

    In my building all have shifted to ion internet .They charge 4800 for 6 months 10 mbps speed upto 300gb after that 2 mbps..And since we are new 2 months extension applicable.But i doubt once the period ends they will show their true color.Plus once i exit mtnl the same plan wont be on offer as...
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    MTNL Mumbai revises landline broadband charges

    Details here. Also note 14% S.T on revision
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    MTNL BroadPlan Plan changes

    suggest some dns server..I keep getting message connection was reset.
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    MTNL BroadPlan Plan changes

    Yes off late lot of issue with dns.And in some cases even google dns also doesnt work properly
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    Should i return 1000 rupee to customer ?? :D

    Opportunity of lifetime. You getting an opportunity to waste another person life.Go grab that . Note::Hope you and the lady both are unmarried or not booked.
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    Flipkart will soon come in a big problem
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    Inverter suggestion

    Well i am asking it for a family who stays in Mumbai. Though power cut doesnt happens here.But now the family has a person who has suffered paralytic stroke and is bed ridden.Hence the family needs one machine which can provide backup for fan,air bed and suction machine as well a 1-2 light.F...