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    WTB Looking for an AM3/AM3+ Motherboard

    Need AM3+ Motherboard, please let me know if anyone has for sale.
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    FS: Photography Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9 Silver MFT 4K 20.3MP Camera with 12-32mm & 45-150mm Lens

    Product Name: Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9 Camera with 12-32mm & 45-150mm Lens Expected Price: Rs 48,000 Shipping charges: At actuals Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Bought from...
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    FS: Video Card [Exchange] Inno3d RTX 3060 Ti Twin X2

    4 days back i ordered a Colorful 3060Ti @64k from Maybe i was lucky, i spoke to them and they gave some discount. But, now it seems prices have rocketed.
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    CPU/Mobo Intel Xeon E3-1230 V1 - Worth @8.5K?

    Thanks Mate. Thanks Mate. For a friend who is using a core2duo Which should i go for, E3-1230 V1 @ 8.5k or i5 4440 @ 11K.
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    CPU/Mobo Intel Xeon E3-1230 V1 - Worth @8.5K?

    Thanks Eddy and would i see substantial performance gain going from i5-2320 to i5-4440.
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    CPU/Mobo Intel Xeon E3-1230 V1 - Worth @8.5K?

    Is it worth upgading from i5-2320 to Intel Xeon E3-1230 V1 available for Rs.8,500.00 and how does E3-1230 V1 compare to i5-4440. using coupon EBAYINDIA7 price is Rs.8,373.00
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    FS: Mobile 2x iPhone 4

    I guarantee that all my listed items are in perfect working condition and you will be refunded if found DOA. If there is any problem or issues with the item, u have to report within 2 days on receiving the item.
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    Sure mate, the transformation bring in quick boot & shutdown, clean UI, Great network connectivity and integration between other PC's. Certain apps are very useful, like Mail and so on...
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    Hi Nagesh, I do remember you. How are you, nice to see u here. Thanks for ur thoughts regarding WIN8, but am already using it in one of my Mac. Having learnt to live with it and got used to certain apps, i like to upgrade the rest to WIN8. My best regards to you. Thanks.
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    FS: Tablet 3x Nook Tablets (1x Nook HD+, 2x Nook Tablet)

    1. Product Name: NOOK HD+ 9" 16GB Expected Price: Rs 15,000 (Non-Negotiable) Reason for Sale: Excess for Sale Product condition: New Included Items: Tablet, Charger, Data Cable. Purchase Date: Got from USA few weeks back. Warranty available: No Invoice Available: No Product Location: Sivakasi...
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    FS: Mobile 2x iPhone 4

    1. Product Name: iPhone 4 Black 32gb Factory Unlocked Expected Price: Rs 15,900 (Non-Negotiable) Reason for Sale: Excess for Sale Product condition: Excellent working condition with normal usage marks. There is nothing obvious to mention regarding the usage marks. The phone looks great...
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    Want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, hence looking for unused Windows 8 Key. Please provide your offers via PM. Thanks.
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    FS: Tablet Ipad 3rd gen 32gb wifi 4g 28500

    Amount transfered to ur account, pls confirm on receipt.
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    IPhone 5 from US

    Thanks Mate.