1. rr9

    ONU and Router Recomendation

    Hi, what ONU are you using on a 100+ mbps connection and router. What speeds do you get? Looking for ONU recommendation. My ISP Tech suggested me to go for a gigabit router with inbuilt ONU, but I am not confident if it is the right path. Having these separate would mean I get to replace the...
  2. Hei#4869

    FS: Networking Intel AX201NGW Killer 1650i Wifi Card (Dual Band Wifi 6 + Bluetooth 5.2)

    Selling the WIFI card from my Asus Nitro 5 An515-57. Please make sure that it is compatible with your device before purchasing. For specs
  3. rahuljawale

    FS: Networking Ubiquiti networking gear - Edgerouter X, X-SFP, UAP-AC-LR

    Selling my last generation Ubiquiti gear. I have upgraded to active POE APs and mixing passive POE gear with active is a recipe for disaster unless you are careful. Hence, I am getting rid of all passive POE gear. Prices may appear a little higher but I have priced them fairly considered their...
  4. D

    FS: Networking Archer AX50 and Omada OC200 and EAP225

    For sale is a like new unused Archer AX50 router. Recieved this in a RMA exchange with some other router, which was just nearing end of warranty. So this is not in warranty, have recieved this in July this year and never ever put to use. Just checked it for 1 hour or so. Price : 5200/= Also...
  5. A

    Android Pixel 7 network issues

    I bought Pixel 7 on its launch day here, and since then its giving me constant network trouble , both regarding calls and data usage Many calls get filtered out , mostly from corporate numbers like swiggy/ola/delhivery , for them my number is either switched off or busy. sometimes i get...
  6. shadowfax90

    PC Peripherals Need help - Realtek Ethernet adapter doesn't restore internet

    Hi fam! I am facing this issue continuously and its getting very frustrating. Have tried searching a lot of tech forums and Google searches but has not yielded any results. So this is my networking setup: I have an ACT fiber connection which is connected to a TP Link Deco M9 which is the main...
  7. M

    Static IP, Host Names and Name resolution for LAN devices - What is best practice ?

    I give static IPs to all devices at home. Group them by type. For ex - The backbone - Routers, pihole, printer,nas etc - Servers, virtual machines - PC/laptop - Mobile devices - Media , TV...
  8. J

    Android Pixel 7 network issues

    Bought pixel 7 on launch day, Using it with 2 sims , Jio e-sim and Airtel virtual sim most of the problems Im facing are with the jio one, - many times, i never receive a call, only a sms long time later that I've a missed call from a particular number , happens more often with commercial...
  9. scarletwitch

    Network security and control

    I have 10 machines all running on Windows 7 Pro. 3 machines running on windows 11. 1 Windows server acting as the server and a few printers. All connected through Dlink unmanaged 24 port switch. I'd like to monitor local transfers, in case somebody copies huge data from a PC on a hard drive...
  10. napstersquest

    Using Gigabit Router as a switch

    I have Asus AiMesh setup (wired backhaul) with couple of AC-59U V2 routers, and have another spare Tp-Link AC1200 (A6) lying around. The table in the bedroom has a NAS, XBox, My PC, Work laptop and LG TV which I would like to connect with wire. Currently the work laptop is connected via WiFi. I...
  11. B

    Cat 6 Cable speed limited to 100Mbps

    I have 2 Deco M4s. One in ground floor and another in first floor. I have ran Cat 6 cable (25 meters in total length) between the 2. However the speed is limited to 92-93 Mbps and I am not sure what to do. Both the Deco's have gigabit ethernet and cat 6 specs says it supports Gigabit ethernet...
  12. buzz88

    How to improve Home Network?

    I have two internet connections to my home. One for main use and one for backup. Since both are unlimited, we used two separate networks for different floors for a long time and everything worked well. Recently, I decided to buy TpLink ER605 Multi-WAN router to combine the two network...
  13. nuvpreetSingh

    Need wifi routers to cover a 8000sq foot hospital

    Hey guys! I needed to buy wifi routers for a 8000Sq ( approximately 3000sq ft. +2500 + 2500 sq ft.) Building spread across 3 floors ( veterinary hospital). I don't think the number of devices connected will be very high only 20 to 25 devices will be connected. I have a budget of around 25k will...
  14. D

    FS: Others Corsair VS600 PSU, USB cables / Apple connectors, Networking and more

    PSU - 1- Cosair VS600 PSU Model No and details : Amazon Everything is perfect, only used for about a month, date of purchase is 15 december 2021, selling because I purchased this as a replacement while my CM PSU was sent for RMA. 3 years warranty price: 3500 shipping included no warranty or...
  15. shaggyboi007

    Why Would Reliance Jio Ban Cloudfare WARP? (more in body)

    Not sure if this belongs here. My ISP (Reliance Jio) in India banned Cloudware WARP ( a DNS and VPN app). It used to help me get a much more stable and low-ping internet. Now, it just won't connect to the Cloudflare lines. What could be the reason behind them banning the Cloudfare Routes and...
  16. AgentBane

    Query abt Act 100Mbps Diwali free Upgrade

    I received mail today that ACT (Hyderabad) has given free Diwali 100Mbps free upgrade . All we have to do is go to their app and click on the banner and will be directly upgraded to the mentioned speed. My question here is I was able to get 100Mbps on desktop which is connected via router and...
  17. C

    FS: Others Garage Sale! Clearance items. Several items including networking and Pi

    TP LINK Archer AC600, T2UH [SOLD] Product Name: TP Link Archer T2UH AC600 Expected Price: Rs 1000 Shipping charges: At actuals Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Dual band high gain wireless adapter from TP Link...
  18. F

    FS: Networking DLINK 8 port unmanaged Gigabit Switch

    Box Available, 4/5 because it has yellowed out. Works very well otherwise. Has been lying around unused since 2017.
  19. MarioBros

    FS: Networking Cisco IP Phones

    Selling this on behalf of a friend who was a running a training institute which is winded up now. Cisco IP phones in perfectly working condition 1. Two Cisco 7942G IP Phones (2 years old working perfectly in including the screen) Price -...
  20. M

    WTB Decent router like AC1750 ,AC 1200

    Want to buy decent router, like tp pink AC1750 or Tp link Ac1200 , usb port is preferred. Any other brand suggestions are welcome.