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A true m-ITX board should be square, not rectangular.



He refused claiming it has fitment problems in the last 3 itx systems he built using this. The cabinet was from CM and had problems when installing the GPU in the pcie slot (so risers may not show the problem)
I see. I did a quick search and could not find anything though. Here are some completed builds on pcpartpicker.com which use this board. Maybe a tolerance issue with a particular combination of hardware?
A true m-ITX board should be square, not rectangular.
The image is stretched. Check out the link ibose posted.
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For people looking for an upgrade to Intel Alder/Raptor Lake in a Mini-ITX case, this mobo may be something you'd be interested in. There are compromises to be had in the design/layout department + the PCIe x16 slot is locked to gen 3.0 speeds, but you do get a capable Z690i board (albeit only compatible with DDR4).


Thanks but let me rephrase it. How does one get it in India at less than 32k which is $140 in the US.
Phone a friend, relative or family
Go there, buy and bring it :D
Edit : The Amazon link does include shipping to India by paying customs of course. I think that would still come out cheaper.
This is a different board. It's a higher variant which supports PCIe 5.0 and other bells and whistles.
Exactly. The board I mentioned was a nightmare when it was released. Multiple gremlins, definitely not a finished product. These were mostly resolved through BIOS updates and by locking the PCIe slot to gen 3.0 speeds (the board was re-released as the Ultra Lite). The board is now functional, but still highly discounted relative to other Z690i boards given its troubled history and the multiple caveats. Also, the NVMe slot is still gen 4.0.
Hey all,

I have quite a few spare SATA power connectors (and various paraphernalia) left over and was wondering if any of you would be interested in custom (SFF) length cables like so:




I could also do PCI-e, EPS, molex, and possibly 24-pin cables too. I don't have much of the grey sleeving left over so I can do limited, short cables only. Feel free to DM me if you're interested and we can discuss price and other details. Cheers.

PS If someone has a PSU compatible with Corsair Type 4 cables, a multimeter, and a few minutes to spare, I'd like to ship some of the cables over to you to test voltages as I don't own any modular Corsair PSUs.
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Hey guys, I am going to build a PC for the first time and have decided to go with NR200p Max but i am having trouble finding a decent budget itx motherboard for intel 13th gen CPU. Any suggestions?


Already contacted them. Their site has an expired certificate. They haven't updated it in ages and haven't replied to my emails so far, so i am not very hopeful.
Oh dear, nvm then. I remember they had a decent online and a significant offline presence back in 2020 at least. Maybe theynstopped focus on India. I remember some retailer (maybe Prime ABGB) which was one of the official importers and used to advertise their cases andnfansnon home page of their site.