AMD 6000 series graphics cards


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Despite having reportedly weak RT hardware compared to say a RTX 3080, PS5 is already delivering amazing Raytracing implementation. IMHO I would always prefer higher graphics fidelity over higher resolution any day & the current hardware seems to be very capable in providing the ray traced effects specially at lower resolution.
Even there it cuts the frame rate by half from 60 to 30. That isn't very different compared to PC implementations. Spiderman with RT looks really good though!


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If you're buying a GPU just for gaming there's no reason to rush in for an upgrade anyways unless you want to game @4k in which case you only have poorly optimized games like AC:Valhalla already struggling to hit 60fps on a 3080.
There are no games that are pushing boundaries atm, even CP2077 has 1060 under recommended specs since it has been under development for so long, as for the implementation and hit on performance due to raytracing it still remains to be seen.
Ubiswaft games have always been poor performers on PC ports


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TBF game looks and plays really good, worst part is 250 GB SSDs aren't enough for the full game anymore.
Their compression is non-existent but someone was floating a conspiracy theory that it's ActiBliz's plan to force other games out of your consoles.



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The reviews have started to come in, game's below average as expected.
well that's 580 for you what he is playing right now :tearsofjoy:
6900xt custom cards confirm but I think it will come till March or April 2021.

now if by going with the cooling versions of gpu manufacturers, msi x trio 3080 is sold around 78k which is 16k more to reference card. How much of a performance increase are we looking at ?

All the amd manufacturers have their reference card design out and it’s the same. Only box is different I suppose

considering this trend of a premium of 10k to 20k leaving the cooling stuff aside, how much performance can we expect. Or are we paying for RGB again

Uk stock initial stock numbers
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What AIB partner for reference card is best in India ?

1) Sapphire
2) Asus
3) Msi
4) Gigabyte
5) PowerColor

sapphire warranty is 2 years only and have some horror stories for India side.


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Isn't Sapphire India distributed by Aditya Group? My experience with them is positive except for that one incident where I had to go to their office in Okla to RMA a BenQ monitor and spent hours to find their damn office (different apartments with same number and similar addresses). My RMA request was also denied and they cited "physical damage." :banghead: :rage:
I might still have this monitor in Delhi. Would be good if a BenQ/Aditya rep responded to it.
I just checked their website, Aditya doesn't seem to handle BenQ or Sapphire anymore. They are not listed.
As for the rest,
Asus by Rashi, mixed experience.
MSI doesn't seem to give a shit about their service in India based on others experiences.
Gigabyte I have one positive experience.
Dunno about PowerColor.


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I am So confused, if to buy which brand reference card should I get ? Sapphire would have been obvious choice but 2 years warranty makes me say, Naaaa !
Ashes of Singularity Benchmark release and RX 6800 XT in neck to neck with 3080 with intel system. so even without an amd 5000 system, we are good. though the tested setting was 1080p which is cpu bound but then again results are promising due to oc potentials form RX 6000 series. 3090 gets 107 fps where are RX6800XT with RTX3080 gets 102 respectively.

Lol tell me about it, I've worked on a few myself.
Just curiosity what games title have you worked on :angelic:
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