Budget 10-15K Android phone for 10K-12K

1. Budget?
A: INR 10k-12k

2. Preferred display size, type and resolution?
A: Preferably HD+ and above

3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc).
A: Android 11 if possible

4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc).
A: 4G atleast

5. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them.
A: No Xiaomi/Redmi, Oppo, Vivo

6. What is your intended use for this phone (internet, camera, multimedia, mails etc.)?
A: Internet, multimedia, whatsapp, camera, UPI apps

7. Single SIM/ Dual SIM?
A: Dual SIM

8. New or Used? Online or Offline?
A: New

9. Any other requirements?
A: None as such

10. If you have already considered a phone, then please mention the model
A: --


Hi all,

I am looking for an Android smartphone for my friend in the price range of 10-12K INR. Can extend budget to 500 Rs more if a phone has good features, like extra RAM/storage.

We decided not to go for Xiaomi/Redmi, Vivo, Oppo or the likes. So, I think the only options left are Samsung and Motorola.

Would consider Nokia phones, but at the given price range, their hardware is really sub par compared to others.

For Motorola too, I am not sure, because I am not confident about their regular OS/security updates. Can anyone having a Motorola phone comment if they provide timely OS/security updates? If they are providing timely updates, then I might consider them.

So, maybe this just leaves the Samsung phones. Please suggest a good quality phone which can last for atleast 2-3 years, or even beyond.
Samsung are providing timely updates and for 3 years I think, so that is really a plus point for their phones.

@Kaleen Bhaiya , please suggest Samsung phone with a good chipset, as I am really not familiar with them.

The usage would be as described above... internet, whatsapp, YouTube, multimedia, UPI, etc.

Samsung Galaxy M12, 6 GB RAM version looks promising to me.
Samsung is playing as per the competition in the market. The Chinese have cut their margins by a lot, so much so that they are almost non-existent in China.
So they are using the same strategy used by Xiaomi to cover up loss of profits. And you are seeing the results.
Nokia simply cannot compete with the Chinese vendors hence we see dated hardware for the same price compared to offerings from other vendors.
End of day, it all boils down to us customers, mostly Indians. We want everything cheap. Companies want to make profits. End result is you get Chinese business model which suits both the Chinese and Indians.
Have a look at this video to understand more why Samsung is doing this.
Does Amazon give the option of COD for mobile phones? Will there be COD option for M21 that we order for 12999/- ?

Flipkart had option for COD when we bought a phone a few years ago I think. Dont know if it has now or not.
Does Amazon give the option of COD for mobile phones? Will there be COD option for M21 that we order for 12999/- ?

Flipkart had option for COD when we bought a phone a few years ago I think. Dont know if it has now or not.
Why not?? I did get the option for cod. Check SS.


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I think he will get an otp which he needs to share with Amazon delivery agent. Again, these policies are very vague. In my case, for some items I need to share otp, for some not. Don't know what is Amazon's policy (assuming you are getting it from here) for mobile phones, never got one from Amazon. FK has a liberal policy atleast for mobiles.
Do ask your friend to make an unboxing video if possible so that even if he's duped, this video will be a record proof that he was deceived before opening the box.


just update without reading all comments... M12/F22 don't have 4g+ (i.e. Carrier Aggregation)

Go with LATEST RELEASED handset from Samsung so you will get 2 More Android Updates / or 3

@becool773 & @Kaleen Bhaiya is Samsung M21/M21 (2021) have 4g+ (CA)?
I have seen the 4g+ icon in the 2021 M21 sometimes. But I don't bother much about it. I can live with less speeds, they are not going to make much of a difference. This icon can be a gimmick by Vi as I don't recall seen them in the older M21's. Moreover this phone is used at phone so speeds don't matter at all.
Does Amazon give the option of COD for mobile phones? Will there be COD option for M21 that we order for 12999/- ?

Flipkart had option for COD when we bought a phone a few years ago I think. Dont know if it has now or not.
We ordered the Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 edition just earlier for 12999/-.

Made a new account for my friend on Amazon, as he didn't had. It didn't give the option for pay on delivery. Probably, because it was a new account? I had to pay from my UPI, and my friend will pay me the amount. I don't like to order for someone and get the product at my home, as it can cause trouble with address issues or billing, in case of any issues or troubles.

I told him to make video at the time of unboxing. And then I told him to bring the phone to me for the initial setup and debloating. I will follow the debloating video for that.

After the phone has been used for some amount of time, I may post a review. Or, I might post my initial thoughts about the phone, while doing the initial setup and initial usage, because I will have to setup the phone for him... transferring all data from his old phone to this new one.

Will order the 6 GB RAM version for my mother, after I take a look at this phone.



is Samsung M21 (2021) has Auto Call Recording in built in system?

I read some users are complains at few Forums that M21 (2021) have inbuilt auto-call recording but even after activating same, their call are not getting recorded..

Kindly update
Ordered the phone yesterday evening and it was delivered today morning... really fast. The phone was shipped by a local seller or local Samsung shop most probably.

Thanks again @Kaleen Bhaiya for that debloating video on the other thread, it was really helpful. Although I am very careful when setting up a new phone and I always debloat first, and I also go through all the settings to set up the phone properly.... but that video was really helpful, and told me what to look out for. Although somethings were changed during the initial setup, but I followed the video during the setup... and I am glad for the video.

Debloating and changing different settings is such a task... gosh... I was literally tired setting up the phone. How I wanted a phone with stock Android that time.. LOL.

Initial thoughts are that the phone looks good. The display is vivid. Phone is quite responsive.

Initially, when the phone got to the main screen after initial setup, it was probably doing various things, and so the phone got slow a bit then, and a message also appeared that system UI wasn't responding LOL... that scared me a bit.. but after a few minutes when it settled down... then all was good.

Camera specs look good and 48 MP for rear camera and 20 MP for front is really good. Haven't taken any photos yet. My friend will take and then I will see how the photos turn out. Hardware specifications wise, the phone is really good, although I do feel that 64 GB storage is less as already only 48 GB is available for use, and that too will fill up as more apps are installed and more data will be filled on phone.

4 GB RAM also seems less, and I noticed already 2 GB was being used. So, phone might become slow over time, but considering the usage, that shouldn't be a problem, atleast for sometime. My friend is having old phone with 3 GB RAM and it works fine for him. But, Samsung phones do tend to become slow over time... so 6 GB RAM and 128 GB version does seem like a better option.

Bloatware is a real bother to deal with though, and some of them can't be uninstalled... have to disable. I uninstalled/disabled as many as I could.

When Google Play Store is there already, is there any need of Samsung Store?

Also, for now, didn't know what to do with Samsung apps like Samsung Members, and My Galaxy. I let them be for now, because looking at those, it seems like they might be useful in terms of support/service, or for just a checkup of the phone.

I have done the initial setup of the phone, with the apps that he wanted. Still have to do more... like installing the UPI apps, or chat apps like Telegram and Whatsapp. Also, have to transfer messages and other data from old phone to new one.

So far, phone seems quite good in terms of display, responsiveness and overall. Will see how it performs over a period of time.

Is there a need of screen guard on the phone? My friend is thinking of getting one. He will get a back cover too.

Earphone jack is on the bottom, which I didn't like.

I did see the option of auto call recording on the phone. Will test it and give the feedback if it works or not.

Happy with the phone overall.

BTW, there is a teaser on Amazon about some M series of Samsung phone coming up. Will be interesting to see which phone it is. Have decided to wait a while for buying a phone for my mom.
But, M21 2021 edition with 6 GB RAM does seem like a really good option for now.
You can add external SD card to meet the memory requirements. If your friend uses WA a lot, that memory is going to deplete in no time. Remind him to constantly delete those WA junk files. Files app by Google is quite handy here. I use it to keep mine and dad's phone free from digital garbage.
Yes of course, an SD card is a good option to increase the storage.

My friend used to keep files from Whatsapp earlier, but now he just deletes and keep the storage low from there. So, that's good. Whatsapp data is a big problem for those who don't delete its media often. My mom has that problem. She doesn't delete the junk videos/pics etc, and when the phone storage starts getting full, then I have to tell her to remove stuff and then she will go on a deleting spree. That's main reason to buy a new phone with bigger storage for her :D.
Purchased M21 6GB version last week. Overall, felt display is good, camera is okay. Unlike earlier, now am disinterested in looking for nittigrities of electronic products, however felt phone is slightly slower in response (even after disabling animation). May be it is because I'm using Samsung FE20 for few months and are used to it. Battery holds up good in average usage, using it for online classes for ~2-3 hours per day, ~1hr voice calls, still ~50% batter remains by end of the day.



is Samsung M21 (2021) has Auto Call Recording in built in system?

I read some users are complains at few Forums that M21 (2021) have inbuilt auto-call recording but even after activating same, their call are not getting recorded..

Kindly update
Haven't checked the same in the 2021 version. In the older one it is there. Will check and get back.
Update- The older M21 has received the OTA for the September 2021 patch+Samsung Pay Mini but not the M21 2021 version, yet. @CapriAnupam @Kaleen Bhaiya
Patience... The M 2021 is an August 2021 released model. It makes sense to find and fix more bugs instead of giving monthly updates. Also if I am not mistaken, I read on Samsung mobile site or somewhere mentioning they have quarterly update rather than monthly. If that is the case you might have to wait. But do confirm the update policy.