Budget 90k+ Build for Content Creation | 4K-8K | Graphics etc - upto 1.7L


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Some Concluding Thoughts on this Build

Extremely grateful to @n1r0 and @powervgx plus others who helped me stay in focus and chose the best options - and yeah thanks to @dvader who put some sense into my head :p that my WIFIE is more important than the 13900K :D
- Glad to know that on TE - folks love their spouses more than these crazy PC builds :wacky:

1. Making only one change - MONITOR: going for the BENQ PD2700U – 27 INCH 60 HZ 4 MS instead of LG 27GN950-B 27-INCH 4K UHD 144HZ 1MS - as although Benq is an old 2018 model is truly the BEST Bang for the Buck for Content Creators.

2. Dropped the idea of a 13900K as it was Rs 24300 more and I would be broke:drowning:. I also considered - if I should put this amount into a 3070Ti and then dropped that too. Reason being - I would rather check out the current chosen build for the first six months or so and then decide - if there are any justifiable reasons to upgrade (CPU + GPU) in my own work scenario (apart from the fact that prices will cool down) with the arrival of Intel Meteor Lake / Arrow Lake procs.

3. Final Cost is approx Rs 172,200 and looking at clarioncomputers from Kolkata to close the deal (its main person Mr Vikas Agarwal has been extremely helpful and approachable during the past few days.

This is most likely to be my final build.

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I have procured all the above parts EXACTLY as mentioned from ClarionComputers - delivery was within 4 days from Koltata to Mumbai.
SYSTEM Final setup is Still a W.I.P and I sought help from Deep Computer & Laptop Services - Andheri (East) Mumbai
Had to also invest in getting an official licensed Windows 11 Pro (Rs 9K) :cool::banhappy:

STILL - A LOT Remains to be tuned in this Setup [Assembled on a Thermaltake The Tower 900 - Snow Edition - with 9 Fans] + 4 HDD's and an 500GB Samsung SSD drive
The Cooler (Old Noctua NH-C14) - I had to remove the lower fan - as it was interfering with the DDR5 ram heights].

Project drive / Cache Drive etc needs to be configured for Adobe
Fans & System RGB/ARGB still not tuned to perfection
I have total 3 monitors [Primary is BenQ 2160p, secondary is an old dell 23" 2K and last is a 7" display monitor (used with NZXT Hue+) - inside the cabinet - for System Temps / Fan Speeds etc]

Will post images once - If I can get all this going precisely as envisioned. :D
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This is the final tech specs of my new system