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Found mp3s of lp records on ru tracker....yummm
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Been a while since i haunted this thread - actually forums in general. not many may remember the original from back in the day - but this retro remix always finds a spot on my playlist.

Not a crazy superfan of goldfrapp or anything but i couldn't count the number of times I've heard 'Forever' on Hed Kandi's Winter Chill 06.03, which is my favourite album to fall asleep to. But I'm sure people listen to it for other purposes lol. Introduced by my cousin's Brit wife (his gf at the time).

This one's a really nice and peppy mix. Excellent mood lifter. Also probably an awesome driving song. Now i have to check out the original too!



Somehow reminded me of one of my favorites, Opeth's Damnation.
That's such a good album. Don't know why Opeth fans don't like it.
The last 4 lines of Windowpane....simply brilliant.

There is deep prejudice in me
Outshines all reasons inside
Given dreams, all ridden with pain
And projected unto the last.
Can identify with this song...word by word...the atmosphere..snow.. wind...last goodbye..

At city centre 9 pm
Just like you wrote
And I try to think about
Snow coming in
Just like before
I will be on stand-by
Releasing the vapour
Into the lung
Letting the wings unfurl
And for a moment I feel young
I call on the bird
It's time to chose side now
That's what you said
When we talked on the phone
So white our eyes
You are still
Are you paralyzed?
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