English TV series discussion


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Started Justified. Four episodes of S1 in and it looks promising. Tim does a great impersonation of a smiling Clint Eastwood.
I watched this a few years ago, some remarkable characters and way underrated series in my opinion. Really liked it, don't remember how many seasons i ended up watching, need to pick it up again and finish it


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Do people use trakt.tv here to track your TV shows? If we can probably follow each other on trakt to discover what others are watching, it would be great. Here is my profile URL and you can follow me and I can follow you back.

Also in case anyone is interested, there is an official trakt.tv app for iOS devices now.
Isn't TV Time a better app? Looks like it has more number of users.

I have been using this app for almost 5-6 years or more. Forgot my user profile though.