iPhone 11 for less than Rs 50,000 on Amazon sale, here’s why it is still a good deal


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Yes, it is the ones listed on Apple's website for 14900 and sold for 12-13k on other websites. If you can sell it off for even 10k, it should be good enough. Also Apple will likely have some bank discount tomorrow, presently it is 6% cashback on HDFC up to 10k.

In short, it is not worth buying any iPhone on Amazon this season. Flipkart or Apple depending on what you want to buy.
I am checking apple's site for the T&C regarding HDFC offer but seems the site is down.


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Yes, but there is no bank discount. So, probably Amazon also makes sense now if you are not keen on dispatching the Airpods.

Edit: At midnight, there was a Diwali section in the menus and an Airpods banner on the 11's page that are no longer there. So the offer must have sold out.


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I think across platforms all good offers across iPhone variants have vanished - Either sold our or prices gone up across variants.