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I doubt it will happen, right now its just testing the waters.

Senior high court lawyer and former mayor Bikash Bhattacharya maintained that tax waiver on such a ground is not permissible under the KMC Act. "It reminds me of Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq's regime. The KMC can forward its proposal to the state government. The government, if it wants, can introduce this, only after passing a Bill in the West Bengal Assembly," Bhattacharya said.
yet to happen and when it does then people have to vote on it.

The KMC decision also runs the risk of being construed as an infringement on the right to property. "If I own a house, put it on rent or sell it, I have the sole right to decide the colour to paint my house. The KMC can't discriminate against use of colours and penalize others who don't use it. As a houseowner, I will choose the paint that will make my house look better and add to its longevity," said economist Ajitava Roy Chowdhury.

By giving a sop to those that use a particular colour scheme they are in effect discriminating against those that do not.

I can see the point of the idea, give incentives to get people to paint and make things look new.


No idea.
I am more worried about the state of affairs in UP.
I mean WTH is happening? So many rapes.
Now again I saw today's news what was done to a women by her husband and some more men, in front of her son. :(

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Rapes have been happening since years. Its just that now the media is giving it attention. Hell MP has way more rapes than UP and its a BJP state.

Rapes are bad, but no govt can put a brake on them instantly. You need sustained community programmes for that.

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WTF? Is that real? Is that a joke?
Very real. Our learned Health Minister wants to ban "so called Sex education", remove vulgarity(god knows what vulgarity he saw) and wants to put "Values" in Sex education. Everyday im more convinced that UPA, as bad as it was, was still better than these retards.