User Review Ultimate WATER PURIFIER Buying Guide.!

Hey guys...! I wanted to buy a Water Purifier recently... and call it a habit.. But I NEED to EXTENSIVLY research something before Buying. So.. I thought Let's share my research.

Most of us just drink RO Water without even knowing what we are drinking. In Most cases.. The RO Water we drink is just a tasteless liquid which has no health benefits at all but just a medium to quench our thirst.

This is a comprehensive Guide covering most of the aspects one should look at before Buying a Water Purifier. I Focused upon HEALTH instead of fancy Features.

First Confusion is always about.. What to I mean.. there are SEVERAL VARIANTS..! RO.. UV... UF... NF... Alkaline... Copper... and even their SEVERAL Combinations..!!!! :eek:o_O.


If your TAP Water TDS is Below or around 200 mg/l --> UV + UF Combination.
If your TAP Water TDS is above 300 mg/l --> RO+UV+UF+ TDS Controller Combination. ( Set Water Output TDS above 150mg/l ).

If your TAP Water TDS is above 800 mg/l --> RO+UV+UF Combination.


1. Before Buying.. Always.. and I mean Always Check the TDS of you Tap Water. You can use any TDS metre available on Amazon ( around INR 250 ).

Now.. If your TDS is around or below 200 mg/l... YOU DO NOT NEED RO.. I REPEAT.. YOU DO NOT RO. Why.. ?? .... cause RO is a process that removes most of the ( Around 90% ) TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS / SALTS ( TDS ) from your water and makes it slightly ACIDIC in nature. And as you know.. Human Blood is slightly Basic in nature and thus drinking acidic water on a regular basis increases acidic content in your body.. making your immunity slightly weaker. If you use RO in this case. Your Output Water will have a TDS around 20 to 50 AND PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY... PLEASE DO NOT DRINK ANY WATER WITH TDS BELOW 150 mg/l on a regular basis ( EXCEPT COCONUT WATER which has a surprisingly high TDS OF MORE THAN 1000 mg/l ) If you really care about your health. :). You can see this article. Also. do note that TDS around 300 mg/l is excellent for you health ( WHO Report ).


Now.. it's clear You DO NOT need RO if your water TDS is around 200 mg/l. Still.. It may contain some impurities as well as harmful bacteria. So.. You will need a UV ( for organic impurities ) + UF ( For inorganic impurities ) Combination in this case.

2. If your TDS is above 300 mg/l --> Go for a RO+ UV +UF + TDS Control Combination. Because.. even in this case.. RO will decrease your TDS to around 50 to 70 mg/l... BUT here.. You also HAVE A TDS CONTROLLER.
Now remember... A Water Purifier works on several steps. First Water passes through Several Filters.. then through RO Membrane.. Then through UF Membrane.. then UV.. and other membranes if any and finally in the Storage tank.

Here.. the TDS Controller bypass some of the water directly to UF Membrane instead of passing it through RO and then add that water into the output of RO Membrane... thus increasing TDS by adding original Salts present in the Tap Water. So.. your Output TDS will be whatever you desire below your Tap Water TDS. I recommend above 150 mg/l.

3. If your TDS is Way above 300 mg/l.. I mean like 800mg/l or above
.. you DO NOT NEED TDS Controller... as After RO Process.. your Output will be around 150 mg/l or above. So.. Go for a RO+UV+UF Combination.


Electrical Type.. / Mechanical Type / Or a Combination of Both.

Answer is simple.. A combination of both BUT Please do note that some Electrical Water Purifier DO NOT allow Water Output when there is a power cut even if Water is present in the storage tank. So.. check before buying.


Mounting Type... / Table Type / Undersink Type.

product-500x500.jpeg Undersink Type.

It really depends on your preference. Mounting Types are Wall Mounted.. Table Types are put on the table... and Undersink types are used in households having smaller kitchen or no space for wall mounting and table.


Storage Tank Material:
More than 95% of the Water Purifiers use FOOD GRADE PLASTIC as a Water Storage Tank. But a few also use Stainless Steel. Some Water Purifiers that offer Hot Water Output have a combination of both Food Grade Plastic ( For Normal Water Tank ) and Stainless Steel ( For Hot Water tank ).... I would suggest to go for Stainless Steel. Still.. it's my personal opinion.. rest is your choice.

Stainless Steel Storage Tank Water Purifier.


Alkaline Membrane
or Copper Membrane or Both.

This is also the most confusing part. Alkaline Membrane can be used if you are using RO... as it adds some basic salts in your RO Output Water increasing it's basicity as RO Water is slightly acidic in nature.
The Problem is there is no hard evidence that such water is really good for health. Some studies have shown that such water really helped many people to gain better health.. even removing joint pain... while other studies have shown no conclusive results. So.. it's your preference.

Now Copper Membrane is just a marketing gimmick. Don't go for it. Rest is your choice.


Sales After Service and Yearly Charge.
Many Companies like Kent or Pureit.. provide better service in some areas only. IN MY AREA.. KENT SERVICE is ABSOLUTLY pathetic. So.. please consult your neighbours or even online about the service of the company.
Also.. some Water Purifiers have an annual charge as high as 5K ( For Filters and Membranes ) while some has around ( 2K .. The minimum I Saw ). So.. check this beforehand.

That's it... follow these steps and gift yourself and your family a healthy Water Purifier. Again.. it's not a comprehensive guide.. as there are several features.. like Hot Water or Cold Water Output or fruit washer or Digital Display...and many more ... that today's Water Purifiers offer. And it's very important not to favour such fancy features over health. Please Prioritize You health.. and then your environment.

Finally.. Keeping all of the above in consideration.. I have decided to Go with BePure.
Now.. you must be thinking.. what's BePure..? Never heard of it...!???

Bepure is actually an Indian Startup providing Water Solutions. It has even won Silicon India Award and has many favourable reviews online.
So.. I am buying it's Bepure Alken Stainless Steel 12L ( RO + UV +UF + TDS + Alkaline ( Let's try it ) ) Model with an annual charge of around 2K. If anyone has used it.. Please write your experience. Thanks.

I will edit the Guide with Pictures later as I have been writing for over an hour now.:oops:.
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Any idea of the TAT for complaints if you face issue with the purifier ? Same day, next day, hours ? I would expect hours if the issue involves the purifier not working at all.

I live in a Tier-1 city. When service request/complaint is placed, they give a date based on availability, like 1 or 2 or sometimes even 3 days. But technician visited the next day itself everytime. Definitely not on the same day or within hours.

Never had purifier not working issue. Only once, as I said, the recharge suddenly shows not updated, and it doesn't give water, the recharge icon keeps blinking on the purifier. Then the technician arrived and corrected it from his end the next day.
Meanwhile, for my neighbor, when I placed the last service req (before replacement), even if the technician called the next day, they kept on postponing and it got assigned to a different technician every day. After 4 days, posted on twitter and it took 3 days to replace the device. But I feel this is obviously technician's negligence.

Also if the filter status is red, does it stop working or is it just a notification to change it ?
For filter life icon red, it still gives water. Actually, it doesn't wait till complete filter failure and usually shows several liters before. I filled almost 40 litres (2 cans) when filter life went red, and checked tds, it was still +10 difference only.

Also your location / locality since the service quality usually depends on location. Kent has excellent service back home in Kol while it is pathetic here in Bangalore.

Obviously yes.
Aquaguard and Kent were bad in my area though. Not 100% bad, but it was bothersome always and we had to be super vigilant everytime. Becz of these bad experiences with both major companies, I lost the interest to buy purifier. Still may buy later, but definitely not Kent/Aquaguard.


Thanks for this guide. How often is service required? My Aquaguard salesman was trying go get me to buy a service subscription. Is it really required?