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    Flipkart to shut down website by April 2016 and Migrate to App

    Absolute stupidity...You should provide flexibility not the constraint of having to shop only through the app. Moreover, i would always rely on my internet security software to do a transaction online than doing it just over the app :) Well, Snapdeal it is then for the future :P
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    User Guides [Guide] A really simple guide to backup your hard disks.

    Well done and thanks for the excellent guide. I am sure this will be of immense help to all our fellow TE members :)
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    Good portable harddisk deals on amazon from 3799 for 1TB

    These are very good prices indeed :) Worth getting one while it lasts.
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    Free Seedbox 20GB of bandwidth for free

    Both, the admins are working on the file transfer issue now. Check here:
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    Free Seedbox 20GB of bandwidth for free

    Its working at my place as well. @raksrules Maybe the BETA website doesn't like you much. I think you can wait till the final comes out :) Are you looking for another seed box? I remember some years back we had some seed box sharing that used to happen in TE. Not sure whether you were around...
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    Free Seedbox 20GB of bandwidth for free

    They have a page for themselves on the below link. You can post your query there and i am sure they will help. BTW, its just the beta now. They will fix all bugs and then make it the final website...
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    Free Seedbox 20GB of bandwidth for free

    This is working great. Uploading is pretty good for private trackers and is approved by HD Torrents etc. Also the additional bandwidth prices are alright for a one time payment. Thank You for providing this.
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    Audio Please suggest earphones for around 1-1.5k

    You can go for Soundmagic MP-21 if you need a mic; Else go for the PL30. Very decent earphones for the price. You can get both ~1100 in the PristineNote audio store
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    Soundmagic 20% off - pl-13 @ 425 , pl11 @750 , pl-30 @1190 , mp-21 @ 1190

    Hi, Do you have the PL11 in stock at the moment? Can i order it from your audio store? Many Thanks.
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    Welcome Amazon India!

    I have been soooooooo waiting for this :) But lets not forget that Amazon in India will be just a marketplace and not the full blown online retailer. So its possible that we may not get what we expect.
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    (IC) Galaxy S4, iphone 5, BB Bold 3

    @Vantheman and PrateekS The simple question asked was if we will get a proof of purchase coz the dealer would have sourced it from some other country. Samsung usually agrees to provide warranty if there is a valid receipt from any other country. I have availed of warranty in the UK for a Galaxy...
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    (IC) Galaxy S4, iphone 5, BB Bold 3

    Poga, can you confirm that there will no proof of purchase for this from the dealer? Is this a grey market phone then or is it sourced from US or UK? If there will be proof of purchase for this then we can use that for warranty :)
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    (IC) Galaxy S4, iphone 5, BB Bold 3

    Interested in a S4. :)
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    Laptops NEED help to Tranfer Dell warranty

    Previous Owner and New Owner both will be yourself as the machine belonged to you all along. Only the location will change. You will get an email from them after 15-20 days confirming the transfer. If you don't get the email, give them a call to Dell India and they will sort out the transfer...
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    Homegroup Win 8 & Win7?

    Yes, you will be able to share home group between Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have been using this for the last 6 months. Here's a guide to do it: