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    POS software or hardware

    Tally is the one which lots of Tier 3 shops use. LS Retail has operations & support in India? Didn't know that.
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    Don't know if there was a better way to do this. Drastic and disruptive, yes. Is there any app which keeps a tab on your total spends from Paytm, FreeCharge in one place? Rather having to track separately?
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    Home theatre Under 50K for a 300 sq foot living room

    DTH Audio is severely anemic - Movies and Sports. You will get a lot of inconsistent performance depending on content and channels. If you have a Blu Ray Player and have a collection of Blu Ray movies or plan on jumping on the bandwagon then it is okay. on PC, You'll have to refresh your entire...
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    A noob's guide on buying consoles!

    Noise Shouldn't be an issue. AAA titles like FIFA, Batman, Uncharted would take up at least 40GB each. Just keep that in mind and get the correct storage version. There is a good used discs market. And if you are patient digital downloads come with a discount.
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    Sony unveils two new PS4 consoles

    I understand what you mean. It was always going to be difficult to sustain what they started late in the PS3 lifecycle specially with Xbox Live's strong social features. Now that mindshare has shifted from Xbox to PlayStation in the last couple of years, prices are going up & lack of AAA games...
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    Sony unveils two new PS4 consoles

    I think in General the quality of games offered have gone down compared to PS3. The only reason I'm keeping it activated is for online and PS3 games.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Green label has been phased out. No more production.
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    Sony unveils two new PS4 consoles

    US PS+ games used to be different from India. In fact India PS+ got better games as it was tagged with EU. Now not so sure whether they are putting out same games across all regions. Check Playstation blog (US & EU). Netflix (US) is available on Indian PS store. HBO GO is supposed to be...
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    Apple does away with headphone jack in iPhone 7

    It's not necessarily that. There's a limit to how much time you want to spend fiddling around with your phone. I grew out of it quite quickly TBH the more I got busy with other things. From my usage pattern (coming from a Galaxy S2 to iPhone 4s to now iPhone 6s) the big takeaway for me was...
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    'This is My Broadband Plan' Thread

    ISP : Airtel Planname - POWERDATA 3000 Area : Salt Lake Kolkata Speed & FUP : 8 Mbps/512kbps post FUP Data Limit : 500GB Amount : 3000/- exc Tax. Performance : 4.5/5 (minimal downtime), Decent pings (80ms or below generally), 7-9 Mbps speeds in general. Incidentally the plan is offered with 16...
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    Other Apple’s small flagship phone is a much-needed course correction

    Keep holding your phablet with 2 hands, son.
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    Inventory Manager

    Look for PIM Product Info Manager Tools. There are some free ones and easy to use.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Picked up Audio-Technica ATH-M50xDG LIMITED EDITION finish for 8500/- (lightning deal). Decent I suppose.
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    Netflix launches in India, Starts at 500/mo

    2 pics - 1st - PC 2nd - PS4 taken from iphone 4S
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    Netflix launches in India, Starts at 500/mo

    I started OITNB is streamed in 5.1 pretty well on my 8 Mbps connection on both PC and PS4 Netflix app. As far as content goes I meant library though it's good to see that Netflix has said that they would broadcast US censored version. It's a good start. Will try to post some screenshots...