1. yp714

    Budget 90k+ Need advice on first premium laptop

    Hi all, I am a newbie to the world of premium/gaming laptops. Have used a run of the mill dell inspiron laptop (i5/4GB/2GB graphics) and have played some games like the old assassin's creed/NFS games before. I am considering a laptop under 1.2-1.3L for an upgrade now. My requirements are: 1...
  2. Rezep

    PC Peripherals Faint Bzzzz sound (electric noise) even after using a usb soundcard

    Hey there members TL: DR :- Electric noise interference even after using usb sound card, return and buy more expensive usb adapter? Need a little help here,so i had just bought this USB hub/Soundcard for my pc. I needed one since when i connect my earphones to my front audio port, an irritating...
  3. H

    Need help buying a Dac/Amp for my Dt 990 Pro headphones!

    Hello Techenclave. After been out of the scene for long, it feels good to be back. I need help buying a good Dac/Amp for my new headphones, namely Beyerdynamic Dt 990 Pro 250 ohms. I have the Schiit Fulla 2 in mind. Since there's no way I can audition it before buying, I am relying on the...
  4. C

    Hi From CarEnthu

    Hi Friend, I am joining this forum to get knowledge from fellow members and also to spread awareness of safe driving and gadgets for car. Hi Moderator(s), Please help me. I would like to know following things from the moderators ( Please don't ban me, I am just asking, not posting anything...
  5. jammy420

    Help: Anyone travelling from South to Delhi?

    Hi, Anyone traveling from south to Delhi soon? Anywhere in Chennai/Bangalore/Hyderabad/ kerala or around? Preferably Bangalore or Chennai I need to deliver a laptop to Delhi. My friend is located in Delhi. He would pick it up at your place there. Similarly, I would deliver at your place
  6. titaniumshield

    Need Help with home network layout

    Hi everyone Recently I build a few systems for my home like a home PC, Media Player and I have some future plans for the networking in my house in which I want to include a Media server. I have attached an image for reference of what I really want. I was thinking of connecting an 8 port...
  7. titaniumshield

    PC Peripherals Buying computer parts from Newegg.

    Greetings, Recently my power supply stopped working and i wanted to buy a new one. I was looking for Seasonic MII-12 Evo 520W as it has modular cables and all in black. The only problem is i can't find any retailer or any online site that sells the particular model. So, if i buy the PSU from...
  8. samiryadav

    Monitors Help : Best monitor under 13000 INR for reading/studying

    Hello friends i need help, Recently i sold my Samsung syncMaster 21.5 inch LED monitor and now i need to buy a new one. I tried searching forum but failed to decide on one. Purpose:- For long hours of READING(8-10 hours).So it should be good on eyes. some programming ,CAD and movies. i do not...
  9. P

    WTB Power supply

    Looking for simple power supply like Corsair vs450, or similar from any "reputed brand". Its not required to power any discrete GPU right now. *(Not wanting to buy ₹500 psu like zebronics)
  10. A

    Budget 90k+ Building A Beast (Mainly for Heavy Gaming and Recording, Video Editing/rendering Short Films)

    Total Price Would Be 1,28,925.00 ( Would Love To have Experienced Opinions ,For Cheaper Alternatives/Changes or even Corrections, Without having to Compromise on its Performance. Looking Forward -Allan. To be Used for : *Zbrush and Maya (Rigging and Rendering Animations) *Min 6...
  11. st_sarc

    Budget 90k+ Assembling a PC

    So, I got all the components required. But, since, I have never assembled a PC before, any help would be really appreciated! Some good links, tutorials, videos? A proper step by step video? I am scared about short circuiting the system due to wrong wiring and such. Can someone please help? My...
  12. creative420

    Need help from Bhopalis!

    Hello people! I'm a Bhopali who has been living away from the lovely city for a very long time. I'm coming down to Bhopal for Diwali and need help from you guys. I want to assemble a rig for my nephew and I haven't a clue where can I get it done from? I mean it will be awesome if you guys have...
  13. scott1391990

    Linux Need help in making android game

    So my friend is making a game for android via tutorials only and not learning any language or software anywhere. The game has almost completed but there are two problems. 1) How to add music to the game in unity? 2) How to create a popup for restart, go to main menu etc when player dies? It's a...
  14. creative420

    Less than 10K URGENT! Phone for brother. 25 minutes only!

    So my brother has grown tired of Windows phones and is looking to switch to Android ecosystem. He's quite fond of Lenovo A7000 that I bought for my sister last year, he's looking at something similar albeit a better battery life. Is this a good phone - Lenovov Vibe P1m - to plonk down my money...