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    FS: Keyboard and Mice New Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse

    Interested ping me, if it is still available from Chennai
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    Audio 10-15k budget for headphones and sound card

    Any Asus Xonar line + Denon AH-D1100. I have D2X and D1100, and it is fabulous for movies and tv serials (my fav supernatural, lost, etc), games too it is fantastic. But note, Asus line is poor in EAX implementation (which is propriety Creative technology). Also be warned Asus has great hardware...
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    Listening with Objective 2 amp + iPod HO with PFE232, after quite a long time staying with ER4P or ER4P2S. I can see why PFE232 is so revered and it is one of the top universal. Most important help came from cranking up the volume. When I listened to 535, raising volume always resulted in...
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    Audio A Compendium of Audio Zone Reviews and Rankings: IEMs, Headphones & Sources

    MH1C above IE8 and XBA4! very interesting...!
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    @esanthosh What a shocker?! I'm surprised you chose Noble audio, among all those CIEM companies, honestly I never heard of them, even though I have to accept I'm here and there guy when looking into CIEM info. In latest Inner fidelity article comparing CIEM flagships your fav Joker has high...
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    That's a great news!
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    Got it from, there is 30 days return policy, though I will lose what I paid for customs/cess/etc, also if they feel product not in new condition, I might lose 50% of what I paid as well. The more prudent approach is to sell! Though like you I never sold any of my gears, just like you...
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    Update: planning to return the ER4P! pulling ear and inserting is terribly painful! When you do it as many times in a day! Some more side notes; earphones are good for low volume listeners than those who crank the volume. Active listening is important, passive listening is distractive and gets...
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    My confession! Received my Etymotic ER4P, after planning to buy this for almost 2 years... My initial impression, if I have to update my IEM list, I will put this in the top spot. Never heard more coherent headphone. First time I'm happy headphone listener as I always longed for the sound that...
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    @esanthosh you are putting too much pressure on yourself that makes writing very difficult, let go of your high standards, in fact you don't even have to do comparison writing. Just what you think 'now' in fact you can change all the opinions later, you are not one of those Russian scientists...
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    Audio Headphones upto Rs. 650

    These two are good Panasonic Eco 125 Ergofit and Philips SH3590 within your budget.
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    Audio Speakers to match the Xonar STU. Budget 10-15k.

    I had M-Audio AV40 and I loved it! and but after some years it was burned inside (I don't know why/am still to repair it) and it also got annoying volume knob problem which I suppose they have fixed in newer revisions. You can read more about it, and convinced you can buy it from 8k to 11k.
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    Audio Is something like this available here ? IEM mic-audio splitter

    Just now I have tried the mic/audio splitter cable from my Meelec A161P included set, the sound is good! (in case if you plan to buy A161P ! ;-)
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    Yup...hoping I get to meet esanthosh sometimes, since my wife's place is Tirupur and Coimbatore is just few kms away :-) 1plus2 along with its cable takes this hobby to its ridiculousness with its pricing...I don't want to try it even if someone next to me is offering! I was too :D before I...
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    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    Listening from my D2X soundcard -> A161P with Foobar2000 WASAPI, I was fideling with multiple settings and bit rate, since it sounded like I have switched on some poorly implemented ambiance plugin, vocals were coming from deep dug well, bass anemic, shrilling treble, I was convinced something...