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    Flipkart to shut down website by April 2016 and Migrate to App

    Rajiv Bajaj some years back decided to famously withdraw Bajaj from scooter and 100cc bike catagory. HH and HMSI took good advantage of this move. After some time market share of Bajaj gradually eroded and they are now planning to re enter in both catagory. I can sense some similarity here.
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    ZTE Grand S II launched in India, 5.5FHD, SD800 at Rs.13,999/-

    Dear All, I solicit your advice regarding this device. I am not interested in Mi3 mainly due to the MiUi ROM (which looks more iOS then Android) and the fact that there is not any custom ROM for the same. Now regarding this device, it is stuck at JB when world is moving towards LP. Also the...
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    Android India Specific OnePlus Invites - Share &/or Queue Up Here

    @paarkhi I request you to kindly add my name into the invite request list. Thanks.
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    OnePlus One will not get Cyanogen updates in India

    I wish to know if the CM12 (Lollypop) or nay other 5.0 based ROM developed of International version of OPO will work for Indian version or NOT. AFAIK, India & International version share same hardware and Indian phones includes SAR values inside phone settings to comply with Indian regulations...
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    Google’s Android One Program Is a Flop, Sales Way Behind Any Expectations

    I don't buy the argument that these phones flopped because no B&M stores were selling them. Moto G/E, Xiaomi Mi3/Redmi 1S too are available through online mode only and they sold/are still selling in good numbers. IMHO, Motorola and Xiaomi killed the project by offering Moto E & RedMi 1s at...
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    Smartwatches to STAY or DIE ?

    Smartwatch needs to evolve further and has the potential to be useful for people on move - pedestrians, cyclist, bikers. In Indian context, I don't see it flourish. SW need to add more value - just can't be an extension of Phone. It should be capable of doing things that a Phone can't do.
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    Ello, an invite only, ad free social networking alternative

    @SayantanGuhaRoy thanx. I could get in using 1st code
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    Ello, an invite only, ad free social networking alternative

    I guess the codes have been used, could not get through. @puns if you are in, would you like to send an invite ?
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    Ello, an invite only, ad free social networking alternative

    ^^ I have registered for an invitation. Would be grateful to receive one. On first look, it seems beautifully designed. There would be some nice photos for sure (even g+ is filled with nice photos), but whether it can ensure serious discussions on relavent topics, remain to be seen.
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    Budget Speakers for HDTV (with PS3 and PS4) - Help Me Choose!

    Why PS3 and PS4 both, you own both the console or planning to buy one :). Word of caution (although I do not have much knowledge about voltage/wattage etc.) You need to change the settings of Ps3/Ps4 if you intend to play music from Ps3 with a budget speaker set up. In my case, when I hook up...
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    Oneplus One coming to India, can it kill Moto G and Xiaomi Mi3?

    1. OP is coming, but will OPO be available in large scale. I mean its not easily available (invitation only and all that ) in other markets including that of developed world. It would be a pleasent surprise if OP gives priority to India over other markets. 2. Is this move has got something to...
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    Budget 21-30k Help in buying a chromebook/laptop

    Thanx for the feedback... any pointer towards the display quality would be much appreciated. As I reside in a remote (sort of) location, hence it is not possible to physically examine the two. @hotshot05 I guess i5 version would overshoot my budget. Anyway, I will search for the same.
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    Budget 21-30k Help in buying a chromebook/laptop

    Gurus, after giving up on Samsung Chromebook 2, I am finally zeroing on between Dell Vostro 3446 and Lenovo B490. Which would be better for the intended use, i.e. internet (multi tabs), torrent and occasional photoshop.
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    Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone Coming 'Very Soon' to India via Snapdeal

    I used to follow the development of this phone quite closely.Once the phone was launched at an exorbitant price with mediocre hardware, the interest somewhat diminished. The other half concept was good, but till now its remain a concept. No eye catching accessory utilizing this concept is...
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    Budget 21-30k Help in buying a chromebook/laptop

    Being a Google product, I guess Picassa would run in Chromebook which can deal with Raw files. As I said, this product is not intended for serious use. For my personal use, I am planning to invest on a desktop with enough juice to run Adobe Photoshop etc. But immediate requirement is of a...