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    Horrible Panasonic Service EDIT: RESOLVED

    Panasonic AC =! Panasonic TV =! Panasonic anything else Good ASS for one product line need not imply similar for another. :( So choose wisely please. :P
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    CPU/Mobo Cheapest IVY BRIDGE motherboard that supports VT-X and VT-D

    ALPHA17 Well, that should be true but need not be true. Weren't there Z68 motherboards in the market that didn't have neither iGPU/Display support nor Quick Sync/Lucid Virtu support? If looking for VT-d support, user should make it doubly sure that the processor and selected "motherboard", both...
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    Needs Advice (Gaming P.C)

    #[member='ALPHA17'] Well i risked getting banned as i was feeling a bit suicidal but i am glad you retained your patience with me just as yu have done with the OP. Now let me also say that i am sorry for my fake anger/rudeness towards you and you truly deserve an award for being the only...
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    Needs Advice (Gaming P.C)

    Hey Alpha JohnyGoru, stop misleading the boy, will ya When someone is buying a quality PSU, which comes with 5 years or more warranty, they are mostly not looking at having to change their PSU in 2 years odd. And looking at this boy who is already jumping to a Sandy rig from a barely 6-8 moths...
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    CPU/Mobo ASUS M4A88T-M Command Rate Attribute missing from BIOS

    will this work for you?
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    CPU/Mobo Query:: Asus Z68 M Pro/V LE + Vengeance + 212 evo

    If you can't wait for Z77 offerings, which are only a few weeks away i think, and are sure of OCing, consider any one of the following three over the ones you are looking at-
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    CPU/Mobo Suggest motherboard for i2500k

    Congrats Jasku. Good choice and happy computing/gaming. If i may add something to this discussion, here is how i would have considered buying a mobo for myself- - If OCing for sure, i wouldn't look any lower than the following- Maximus IV Extreme-Z, Maximus IV Gene-Z, P8Z68 Deluxe, P8Z68-V...
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    Graphic Cards ASUS GPU Tweak - works on almost all graphics cards !?

    Came across this in ASUS ROG forums. Anyone tried this yet? Official Launch Version (with download link) What features do you want in GPU Tweak? For a quick look on what is GPU Tweak- ASUS GPU Tweak official video - Tweak-n-tune to the top - YouTube
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    CPU/Mobo Poor Asus Service in Kolkata by Rashi Peripherals

    Re: ASUS product quality and support feedback. Somehow, you never replied to the following posts in your previous thread. :S
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    CPU/Mobo ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard preview

    HARDCORE IS BACK !! :ohyeah:
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    CPU/Mobo Asus' X79 Motherboards lineup Revealed and Features explained

    X79 listed on the site. :)
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    Wireless ADSL 2+ Router for MTNL
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    Graphic Cards Asus Vs. Sapphire Graphic Cards - Which one is better?

    Chirag- everyone has a right to voice their opinion and that's why i didn't question you or any of the others but Alpha17, who is quite an active poster in the hardware section, unlike me. We should first answer what has been asked and then may add anything that we feel is necessary- something...
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    Graphic Cards Asus Vs. Sapphire Graphic Cards - Which one is better?

    ASUS Award-winning DirectCU graphics cards When was the last time you rmaed anything from ASUS? Please describe your worst experience and when was that? :) Which graphics cards have you owned till date? Which brands of graphics cards have you owned till date? How many cards/brands have you...
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    BF3 upgrade

    Is your processor 125W? The motherboard you purchased supports CPU upto 95W. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M5A78L-M LE If one has a 125W CPU, they should get the following (or higher). ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS