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    New in Mumbai - Which Network for speedy vfm 3g usage - Airtel, Vodafone or Docomo?

    Hey guys, I am in Mumbai for 2 months and need to get a prepaid GSM connection for use on my Android. I will be using 3g frequently, esp. to make calls abroad through using my Android. What's the best network in Mumbai connectivity wise and 3gwise. Can someone link to a price comparison chart...
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    Is the Nexus S good Buy at 20K?

    Is reliable to buy the Nexus S? Any idea how long they would take to deliver to Gurgaon? Also what would be the best coupon code to use for this Rs. 19,999 deal?
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    Upscale Wedding Venue in Delhi

    I was hoping that this topic has been discussed in an earlier thread, but the search yielded nothing. My brother would be getting married in January in Delhi and I am looking for some upscale wedding venues that we could book. Our budget for the marriage is not sky-high as is the norm these...
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    Durable Chinese type phone with lots of features for 1.5 K

    Need to buy my staff a mobile. He wants something with music, video-playing capability etc. and the budget is Rs. 1,500/- Is there any Chinese type phone which is at least slightly durable or with warranty that fulfills this purpose.
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    Soundmagic MP21 for 13.6$ (Around 600 bucks) Free Shipping ! Smoking HOT

    My order was shipped May 22 and still hasn't been delivered. I created an RMA request and everytime they're asking me to wait another week. :-(
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    The Samsung Galaxy Spica i.e. I5700 thread

    Just got the Spica after weeks of searching all over. :-) Now I have some extremely n00b questions: 1. It has Android 1.5 pre-loaded. Should I load 2.1 myself or should I get it done at a service center? I'm in Delhi at the moment. 2. What are Samdroid mods? What advantages do they have? 3...
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    Storage Solutions Is Seagate stupid or is Seagate the stupidest.

    Thanks for the help guys. Anyway, as I was told later, the message actually meant that they received my hard disk but found nothing wrong with it and sent it back without repair/replacement. Now, I had been facing severe problems with this hard drive and half of the time my desktop refused to...
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    The Samsung Galaxy Spica i.e. I5700 thread

    The only part I'm confused about before buying the Spica is whether it supports tethering. As in, can I use it as a GPRS modem to surf internet on my laptop like I do with my Nokia using a PC Suite. If any modding is required, what would be the easiest method to do it?
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    Soundmagic MP21 for 13.6$ (Around 600 bucks) Free Shipping ! Smoking HOT

    Yay, I too just received the shipping details. Keeping my fingers and my toes crossed. Hope the shipping doesn't take so long that I get cramps.
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    Soundmagic MP21 for 13.6$ (Around 600 bucks) Free Shipping ! Smoking HOT

    Re: Soundmagic MP21 for 13.6$ (Around 600 bucks) Free Shipping ! Smocking HOT Any updates? My order is also showing unshipped. Looks like this deal was "too good to be true". :-(
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    I got some 10% (max Rs. 1000) and some 5% (max Rs. 500) coupons on my ids. Anyone got any other coupons? Also, any good deals for a plasma lamp on ebay or any other site?
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    Best method to transfer Symbian S60 contacts to Android

    A lot of us here seem to be moving from Symbian to the Android platform. Can we have a thread for the best tips/tricks for moving your contacts/messages/notes etc from Symbian to Android? I have checked online and there seems to be no single definitive method for this. I have a Nokia E72 and...
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    Storage Solutions Is Seagate stupid or is Seagate the stupidest.

    I just got this email from them after I sent my Hard drive in for RMA. The phone numbers mentioned in the email don't even exist. Can someone decipher this coded message for a layman: As you can see the "Serial No Expected Not Received: 5LR1LM8H" and the "Serial No Received: 5LR1LM8H" are the...
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    The Samsung Galaxy Spica i.e. I5700 thread

    Wow. I've been waiting for an official update for so long. Any confirmed news about this guys? Will it be difficult to update to the official 2.1 firmware if you are using the hacked 2.1 firmware? I am asking this because I will be trading my Nokia E72 in for a Spica and want to know whether...
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    Sandisk Sansa e200 series Data Cable

    I lost my Sandisk Data Cable that came with the Sansa e270 under the KMD GO. If anyone has an extra lying about please let me know. Hopefully price can be kept at a minimum. If you are in need of something and want to barter, I have dozens of extra cables/accessories lying about. This is what...